At Mount St Mary’s our school ethos is “Quid Retribuam” this represents our goal to give back wherever possible. Becoming a young leader is the perfect way to give back to others and support your school community whilst developing key skills for future employment and education.

When applying for jobs and college places students should aim to have the strongest CV possible in order to strengthen their applications and open as many doors as possible as they move on after life at Mount St Mary’s . If successful in their application a young leader can aspire to become part of the prefect team moving into Year 11 and two successful candidates could one day become Head Boy and Head Girl.

A young Leader role is a role of great responsibility at Mount St Mary’s, helping students develop key transferable skills that will benefit them greatly in further education or employment. Skills such as leadership, communication, public speaking, teamwork, responsibility, event planning and many more.

Keep checking this page for a presentation detailing the application process and details of the role and responsibilities involved. We look forward to seeing your applications.