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Rewards Assembly

The Year 10 Rewards Assembly took place in January. The assembly was a fantastic occasion designed to celebrate the achievements of the exceptional students within the year group.

Students were recognised by their Subject Teachers for a variety of reasons ranging from excellent coursework and consistent hard work in lessons to constantly displaying positive attitudes to learning. The nominations arrived in droves and it was clear to see Year 10 are getting things right.

The star prize was taken by Aaron Ku Fotsing in 10SMS, who won the Twelve Days of Christmas Competition prize draw by achieving a perfect 12 days of school in terms of attendance and behaviour and gaining and a positive comment from his teachers. Aaron managed to win an indoor skydiving experience for two where he chose his friend Mario Tomsen to go with him. Both boys were well deserved winners.

Each Form Tutor nominated three special students in their form who displayed Retribuam, Readiness and Responsibility so far this year, with an incredibly well deserving list of winners collecting prizes. Furthermore the year team added to these nominations with Ismailia and Ketsia.

Winning an awesome prize of 1472 jelly beans was Kelly Cisse 10DOE who gained no C2’s and a Golden Ticket to make her correct guess of 1451 beans in the jar the closest and a winner. Finally driving his way into a successful Year 11 was Rafael Matzinhe 10SAK who won a race car driving experience for his fantastic work in lessons.

Other students were praised for their excellent ATL scores and celebrated for displays of Resilience, Respect and Responsibility. Overall the event ended the week in an incredibly positive way and served as a reminder for all of the hard work that Year 10 are putting into their studies. We are incredibly proud of them and cannot wait to see what they can achieve next.

Important Dates

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School Closes for Half Term -

Friday 27th May 

School Reopens -

Monday 6th June 


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Year 10 Work Experience

Please find below a letter from Mr C Flynn, Year Leader regarding a two week work experience placement as part of the Year 10 curriculum. There is also a copy of the Work Experience placement form.

The Year 10 Celebration Page

Year 10 students display excellent attitudes to learning and impress their teachers constantly with the quality of their work.

We are sure you will agree they are a Year group worth celebrating!

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