Student work during Phase 2 of School Closure

From 20th April 2020

This pack of “Phase 2” work is designed to cover the next few weeks of the current closure. Each pack contains a number of open-ended tasks, investigations and activities to stimulate students learning over that period. For ease of access, download and completion the pack for each year group is proceeded by a contents page and then work for all subject areas. The booklets are linked at the bottom of this page.

Years 7 & 8

Students should access and attempt all subjects within the booklet linked below.

Please note the Science pages in the booklet linked below have been updated – PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED SCIENCE PAGES

Years 9 & 10

Students should access all the “core” subject material and then the work for the option subjects they study within the booklet linked below.

Year 11

We are extremely aware that knowing what to attempt at this stage of transition to Post 16 provision is extremely difficult. With this in mind staff have worked hard at identifying and setting appropriate work to support all students in continuing their learning whilst preparing them for the next phase of their journey. Therefore, each area of work continues two foci; the first being for those students who may continue to study a subject area and as such the work will support this challenge. The second is a more generic piece of work which can sustain general interest, stimulate further thought and consideration or provide food for thought. There are a number of signposts to further learning and it is essential our young people maintain their momentum in readiness for transition and development wherever this may be. Please access the booklet by clicking the link below.

Access difficulty

Arrangements are already in place for the distribution of hard copies of this work for those students identified as lacking the necessary online access. Should you find yourself in this position, please contact the appropriate Welfare@ email address to request a pack. These email addresses are clearly visible on the CLOSURE PAGE


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