Sparx Maths

Sparx Maths is an online homework platform which creates perfectly tailored practice homework for each student.

Below are some of the fantastic results from April to June:

Current Lead of Experience Points
Charu Umamaheswaran in Year 7 is currently in the lead for the most Sparx Experience Points (XP) out of the whole school! She has now reached Level 6 and has achieved over 63000 XP points! This is an incredible achievement and the Maths department at Mount St Mary’s are very proud of her commitment and motivation to excel in Mathematics.

SPARX Student of the week – Over 50 students have received a lunch queue jump pass.

SPARX Stickers – 35 students rewarded before May half term for completing all their compulsory tasks, XP Boosts and Targets.

Amazon Vouchers – £80 worth of Amazon vouchers given to students to reward them for completing their compulsory tasks.

Leveling Up – Over 50 certificates to students who have gone above and beyond and gained enough XP to level up.

We look forward to seeing who can try competing with this next year!