Science Dissection

We were invited to take our heart dissection workshop to the Year 6 students at St Anthony’s Primary School in Beeston. The students were exceptionally enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the structure and function of the heart. Although there were a few who were a bit nervous or squeamish about getting hands on, everyone was able to be brave and have a go at dissecting a heart and see what they had been learning about close up and in detail!

“Can I express my huge thanks for delivering the session today for our Year 6 pupils. They were so excited and have learnt so much from your outstanding delivery of the heart. I am beyond grateful and please know of my thanks on behalf of all the 31 pupils, staff and also on behalf of myself. What an exceptional quality delivery from which our pupils benefitted greatly. The children absolutely loved it!”

Lisa Leonard, Headteacher

Meanwhile, Year 10 at Mount St Mary’s have been having the same opportunity as part of their GCSE Science lessons and have also been excited to see and feel the inside of a heart to better understand how it works. It was fantastic to see the students engage with real life Science and use specialised equipment to explore their Biology curriculum in a more hands on fashion. The students were enthralled by the different parts of the heart and keen to see how different parts of the heart were built to support its very important function.