Rowing Club

Our indoor Rowing Club is growing every week, we currently have 28 rowers from all year groups training every Thursday. We have a partnership with London Youth Rowing who provide specialist coaches every week for our students and supplied us with two extra machines, giving us 6 in total. Our rowers entered their first competition in December and loved the experience, even getting to meet an Olympic medallist who brought her medal along.

Future Olympic Rowers?

We have now developed a partnership with Leeds Rowing Club.  Every Year 8 student had their height recorded in December and those meeting the minimum requirements were offered the chance to be tested at Leeds University to see if they had the potential to be a successful rower. Over 180 students across Leeds were selected to attend, 28 from MSM alone! Following these tests, it is with immense pleasure we can announce the following students were ranked in the top 30 in Leeds and have been invited to join the Leeds rowing club to begin their training. A special mention to Pearline who was ranked number one in Leeds (ranking includes boys and girls!), and to Jessica Ansah – 9th, Uyi Abhulimen – 10th and Daniela Domenehgini – 11th. Watch this space to see if they go onto to GB greatness!

Well done to the following for being selected:- Pearline, Jessica A, Daniela, Jainaba, Deborah M, Connor J.