Rowing Club

Over the past 2 years the Rowing Club has grown in popularity at MSM. It was first introduced in January 2022 in partnership with The Leeds Rowing Club, who have supplied school with 6 high specification rowing machines in order to grow interest in the sport and allow for a wider range of opportunities to be made available to the community we serve at MSM.

Each Thursday evening we have up to 25 students from a variety of year groups come along and complete different speed and distance challenges on the rowing machines. Students can measure themselves against National Junior standards and work towards achieving the Gold, Silver and Bronze standards. We also use the sessions to work on general fitness and promote different ways of exercising and keeping healthy.

In a recent Year 7 assembly, more than 30 students received certificates for achieving the Bronze and Silver standards, with Alexsander Bogdanowicz the stand out performer achieving the National Gold standard.

Earlier in the year we also took 12 students to compete in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships. This was a great experience and all student represented MSM with great vigour. A mention for Jakub Kordanski and Brice Saminou for top 20 finishes in the Year 10 boys’ competition and Alexsander for a top 10 finish in the Year 7 boys’ competition.

At Easter we had three Year 8 boys; Giuseppe Kelly, Lukasz Ksiazek and Giniras Kreicmonas, invited along for trials with the Leeds competitive rowing squad. We also had brother and sister Logan and Isabelle Goldthorpe invited for trials in the role of coxswain, helmsman or skipper of the boat. Both are now representing Leeds in regular competitions.

The year culminates with students having the opportunity to go and experience rowing on open water with the Rowing Club at Rounhay

The club has proved a great success in giving opportunities to a wide range of students looking to try a new activity slightly out of the norm. It allows for an element of individual competition whilst also allowing for a focus on fitness and exercise.