Retribuam Leaders

This academic year, Year 9 Retribuam Leaders have been providing additional support for daily routines in Year 7 forms. They have been excellent role models to our younger students who are still at the beginning of their journey with us at Mount St Mary’s. Volunteers jumped at the chance to share their knowledge and impart their wisdom to their peers and have had a profound impact on the progress and development of individuals.

Retribuam Leaders have also helped to keep our Remarkable Readers initiative live in school, through their support for students who wish to develop their literacy skills and enjoyment of reading in the hope of establishing positive habits. They have also helped the Year 7s to reflect on their progress and respond to these reflections through the consideration of purposeful next steps.

Undoubtedly, key leadership skills have been on display each week and, through their efforts, have encouraged the progress and the personal development of our Year 7 cohort. Our Year 9 Retribuam Leaders have clearly demonstrated the positive contributions that they will make in Year 10 as Young Leaders. The growing confidence and broadening skill set these individuals have shown is a pleasure to witness. We cannot wait to see the further impact that our leaders of the future can have on their peers, school and wider community!