Retribuam Day
Years 7, 8, & 9

Quid Retribuam (how do we give back) is our school motto and at the heart of everything we do and develop in every person connected with MSM. Students have several opportunities to demonstrate their ability to ‘give back’ throughout a school day, however, Retribuam Day is an event where we give back to those outside of school. Students plan activities that are designed to raise as much money as possible for our partner charities.

Throughout the day, students in Year 7 raised money for Leeds Irish Centre Health & Homes, Year 8 for St Gemma’s and Year 9 for Zest. Each of the charities work within the MSM community and their efforts are invaluable in supporting our wider family.

Students were outstanding on the day and worked tirelessly to plan and run events to raise money. The atmosphere they created in school was excellent.