Remarkable Readers

Congratulations to the 91 students that were recently celebrated as MSM ‘Remarkable Readers’ at the library cinema event. This event celebrated those students who are reading, quizzing and visiting the library the most. It was incredible to have 10% of the school community there to celebrate our incredible reading habits. To mark the occasion, we turned the school hall into our very own cinema where we watched the first episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which is one of our most borrowed book series from the library.

Students munched their way through their treats whilst watching Percy discover the world of ancient Greek myths, minotaurs and monsters. The 91 students represent a record breaking year in our library, a whole lot of books read and an ever increasing amount of reward stamps earnt.

We are so proud of everyone who is managing to continue their excellent reading habits, and we already have 39 students who have completed enough reading to attend our May event.

MSM students are showing they are ‘Remarkable Readers’ and each quiz completed and each book read (from the library or at home) equals one remarkable reader stamp!

We can’t wait to see you at our next reward event themed on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!