Remarkable Reader
Charlie and Chocolate Factory Reward

We’ve had another Remarkable half term of reading with 98 students from Years 7, 8 and 9 completing their remarkable reader sticker. That’s a phenomenal 1470 books or quizzes completed!! These super readers were invited to a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory celebration. Students invented their own chocolate lolly with sweets, smarties, marshmallows, cookies and sprinkles and created a new design for a chocolate bar using persuasive language features. The students listened beautifully to an extract of the book – all whist being surrounded by sweets and decorations just like Willy Wonka’s factory. We also enjoyed a few songs and clips from the various film adaptations. Many other students have completed their first or second row this half term and received a prize of sweets, stickers, highlighters, fine liners, bookmarks or sticky tabs! Keep up the great work everyone! There is still one more remarkable reader reward at the end of this half term! Will you be on the list?