Prefect and Student Leadership

At Mount St Mary’s the role of Student Leader is one that is held with a great level of esteem amongst students and staff across the school.

The process to stand as the lead representatives for the school is a long one that starts from the moment students arrive at Mount St Mary’s.

From Years 7 to 9 students build a portfolio of evidence in order to apply to be Young Leaders. Once students have passed through a rigorous selection process involving applications, evidence folders and interviews with leadership, they begin their journey as a Young Leader.

Tasked to support school events, the community and each other the students build evidence of their hard work throughout Year 10 and gather this for their final application for the prestigious role of Student Leader. Tasked with supporting all the students within our school community the successful candidates have to navigate applications, interviews and finally deliver speeches outlining their suitability to the role in front of their entire year group.

Narrowed down from over 20 applications to 12 contenders to deliver speeches, it is safe to say that the calibre of application this year was incredibly high. After workshops and speech analysis, the students were then narrowed down to 6, each delivering an incredible speech. The quality of speeches was so high that it left the year group and the staff observing them with an incredibly tough decision to make.

Once the dust had settled the school community decided that Lorna and Gabriel would head up our leadership group, with their amazing deputies Jonatan and Cindy by their sides. The students have already jumped into their responsibilities, helping younger students read, delivering assemblies and supporting their year group and others wherever they can.

Once the leadership team were in place they became part of the process to appoint the next layer of leadership the Senior Prefects and Prefects. Reading applications and supporting interviews with Senior Leaders they helped to appoint over 40 students into the role.

See the photos below where our Student Leaders called home to inform their families of their successful appointment into the role. This was an incredibly proud moment for parents and the year team.

Throughout the whole process it was clear to see the passion and commitment students have to give back to their school community. As a school we can’t wait to see students succeed in their role and look forward to supporting their work this year.