Free School Meals

Some families are entitled to free school meals, click on the link for advise on how to Claim Free School Meals or complete the Benefit Claim Form at your local One Stop Shop and for more information about school meals click on the link: School Meals Information.


Lunches are prepared at the school. Every effort is made to ensure quality and consistency of service provided, and we are very keen to promote Healthy Eating and Healthy lifestyles choices to our students.

Nut oil is NOT ever used and the amounts of sugar and salt are kept under the regulation limits at all times.

Parents can view what their child/children are eating from the canteen each day by logging into Parent Pay and navigating to the correct section. Mount St Mary’s is unable to guarantee that all that their children purchase is eaten by them, we can only guarantee what they purchased.

WEEK 1 – W/C – 4 Sept, 25 Sept, 16 Oct, 6 Nov, 27 Nov, 18 Dec, 8 Jan, 29 Jan

WEEK 2 – W/C – 11 Sept, 2 Oct, 23 Oct, 13 Nov, 4 Dec, 15 Jan, 5 Feb

WEEK 3 – W/C – 18 Sept, 9 Oct, 20, Nov, 11 Dec, 22 Jan