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Welcome to Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School

Year 6/7 Transition Homepage

Please see the letter from Mr Cooper by clicking the button below:

Guidance for Transition Meetings

Please be assured that we will do all we can to ensure the school is safe for you to enter, and all social distance protocols will be in place, we will also share all the measures taken to protect students and staff as we move forward. In order to help us abide by social distance guidelines, we need as few people as possible in the building.

If at all possible, could you minimise your visit to one parent/carer and student. Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment time. There are car parking facilities at the school, you will be directed upon arrival.

Should you require any additional information please contact the school by phone or email

We can’t wait to meet you!

Click above to see the answers to our most asked questions. If something isn’t on here ask when you come visit us on Thursday or feel free to ring the school!

Year 7 Team – Who’s Who

All staff within the year group structure are tasked with challenging and supporting students over their 5 years at Mount St Mary’s to ensure they are “work ready” before they leave at the end of Year 11.

Mrs Grayston

Year Leader

Mrs Falkingham

Student Support Worker

Mr Clarke

Student Advocate

The Year Leader has responsibility for overseeing the pastoral welfare and well-being of the Year Group. If there are any worries or concerns the Year Leader will address them, liaising with students, parents and staff.

The Student Support Worker works alongside the Year Leader and Student Advocate, supporting the pastoral welfare and well – being of the year group. The Student Support Worker will play a large role maintaining regular communication between school and home and can be contacted in the Year 7 Office.

The Student Advocate works alongside the Year Leader and Student Support Worker supporting the welfare and well – being of students. The Student Advocate has responsibility for working with students to meet specific needs, regularly working with students in smaller intervention groups or working 1:1 with students.

Year 7 Team – Form Tutors

Mr Bromwich

Miss Davy

Mrs Foster

Miss McNally

Miss Prentice

Miss Rogders

Miss Rathore

Mr Rimoldi

Mr Woodley

What does a Form Tutor at MSM do?

The Form Tutor has responsibility for the day-to-day care, and wellbeing of students, they are the first contact between home and school so it is important to us that positive relationships are built with students and families. Students are placed in a mixed-ability form group where students spend the first 15 minutes of the day together, ensuring they are ready for the day head.

Information for Parents

Welcome Resources for Students and Families

Join Mahna as Charlie shows her around Mount St Mary’s and introduces some key parts of school life. Our Key Worker cohort and Young Leaders have prepared this video specifically for Year 6 students joining us in September.

Download the Year 6/7 Transition project by clicking above

Please see the uniform and conduct information above. If you have any questions ask us when you visit for your transition meeting or feel free to ring the school.

At Mount St Mary’s we’re United in our Ambition.

Past Transition Activities

Transition Day 2019

Welcome Mass 2019

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