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Welcome to our celebration pages for work completed during the school closure period.

Year 8 Student Work Celebration

Well Done Clarence Oduor for this football compilation.

Mr Flynn believes it is a clear demonstration of resilience, football skill and ICT skills.

Take a moment to watch this motivational video encouraging students to look after their mental health.

This was created by Gundega Drevina and Mr Flynn and Miss Kay are very impressed with the skills to create it and the message!

Look at this from Aaron Jackson!

Take a look at this video of Aaron’s recycle and reuse challenge from his phase 3 work. Mr Flynn was very impressed with the time and thought that had gone into this.


Congratulations Aaron!

Congratulations to Lily Kendrew!

Mrs Carden was delighted with the resilience that Lily has shown in producing this work.

Congratulations to Jasmine Gantala!

Mrs Wilson says the creativity in this piece of work is amazing!

Well Done Carol-Chantelle Ibhafidon for these two incredible pieces or work.

Miss Stirrup was very impressed with the level of detail in this piece of work all about Australia…

… and Miss Stirrup and Mr Flynn were impressed with the level of detail in this piece of work and the powerful message.

Well Done Aicha Camara. Here we feature the first chapter of her new 6 Chapter novel – Inferno’s Revenge.

Mrs Black said “Aicha has put a lot of effort into this story, and I’m very proud of her.”

Well Done Alex Henrique!

Mrs Wilson is delighted with this brilliant work!

You can clearly see the time and effort that has gone into making this look so realistic

Congratulations Ashton Cudahy on this incredible work for Art

Mr Hawkins said ‘He has clearly put a lot of effort into these tasks and has taken it upon himself to complete art work to keep himself occupied during this period.’

Here is some brilliant History work from Cheryl Chimbwanda.

Mrs Willis said ‘ This was lovely to receive and showed a lot of thought and feeling went into this.’

Well done Robyn Thompson for this Geography work on Volcanos

Miss Stirrup shared the photos of Robyn’s volcano work with the whole year team as it was so good.

Congratulations Chineadu Herbst for this impressive selection of work

Mr Lawton has been really impressed with the quality of work submitted.