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Welcome to our celebration pages for work completed during the school closure period.

Year 10 Student Work Celebration

June 2020: We thank all our Year 10 students who worked hard over the last few weeks to complete multiple mock papers. The resilience and responsibility the majority of you have shown in the work you have done is impressive! We thank the staff who delivered and picked up the papers from our students homes and we also thank our staff who have turned around the marking in just over a week to be able to feedback to our students in the next week. The photo of the work laid out in the dining hall shows the scale of the efforts that have taken place.

Congratulations to Luis for this incredible performance.

Mrs Rudge felt that this performance was beautiful and put a smile on her face when she watched it.


Congratulations to Samantha Akpan.

Mrs Rudge highlighted this work from Samantha as “Outstanding! Well done Samantha.”

Congratulations to Raichel Rooley for this Citizenship work.

Mr Hinchley said ‘Raichel’s citizenship work evaluating the changes in society as a result of COVID 19 is outstanding!’

Well Done to Erin Shortell for this Performing Arts work.

Ms Quarless said ‘ This is good quality work from Erin, I am very impressed with the powerpoint.’

Congratulations to Alisha Corbett for the amazingScience and RE work shown above.

Mr Hicklin said ‘I’ve had some wonderful examples of work from Alisha’