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Welcome to our celebration pages for work completed during the school closure period.

Year 9 Student Work Celebration

Well Done Rebecca Chirenda

Mrs Leigh says “This is an excellent piece of RE work, very well researched and demonstrates great presentation skills, well done Rebecca.”

Congratulations to Cameron Feeney

Miss Reed says “I am so impressed with Cameron, he has completed a fantastic 3D design project with his family. He has shown real resilience and responsibility over the course of the lock down, completing all work that is asked of him and going above and beyond with certain aspects, I am really proud of him! He has certainly set the bar high for the rest of my cohort!”

Well Done to Ben Atobrah and David Cudjoe.

Miss Cooney says: These two students how only very recently joined the school and have been working with Miss Bentley, have produced these excellent quality pieces of work.

Congratulations to Brandon Smith for this brilliant diagram and explanation.

Mr Cooper was so pleased to receive this detailed piece of work from Brandon.

Well Done Trust Gangata.

Mr Cooper points out the detail Trust has put into this History work and says “he is really making his time at home count!”

Congratulations to Sheila Nakimuli for this brilliant work.

Mrs Leigh says “It demonstrates her excellent research skills and ability to present complex information and details in a clear yet succinct way. Sheila, well done on completing your Phase 2 Science work so effectively and promptly.”

Miss Rodgers has been very impressed with this quality work from Lily Allswell.

“There is so much detail and the work shows so much effort. Well done Lily!”

Congratulations to Ayobami Fasuyi for this summary of Cardiovascular Disease.

Mr Cooper was very impressed with your research especially how you had decided what to include and what to leave out.

Well Done Alex Tuca for this brilliant Creative I Media work.

Miss Goddard said ‘ I’ve been impressed with the work that Alex has done on a mini project designing product packaging for a burger.’

Congratulations to Niamh Staniland on an incredible set of work

Mr Stuart Collins said ‘Niamh sent me 6 emails on the FIRST DAY asking for examples of work. I am so impressed with her hard work.’