Assessment from Year 7 onwards

MSM Attainment Pathways

Upon arrival at MSM, all students are placed on one of 4 learning pathways indicated to the right. Students are placed on the most appropriate pathway for their learning needs. The pathway upon which students are placed depends upon their average Key Stage 2 score and/or their Cognitive Assessment Test (CATs) score. All students sit a CATs test upon arrival.

Each student’s work and performance is assessed against their pathway by their subject teachers four times a year and are given one of the grades indicated to the right. Subject specific criteria determines what a mastery, secure, developing and foundation student should be able to achieve at each of the four data collection points e.g. if a secure student is meeting all of the secure criteria, “S0” is recorded which indicates they are working towards their expected level; equally, the same student could be working above or below the secure criteria and if so would be awarded a different pathway attainment level to reflect the criteria that were satisfying.