‘Our Earth, Our City’ Art Exhibition

The Art and Technology department are delighted to announce that four students from Mount St Mary’s have been selected as winners of a Leeds based Art competition.

Their brief was to create a piece of artwork inspired by the beauty and fragility of the Earth. All Year 7 and Year 8 students took part in the competition, alongside many other artists connected to Leeds.

From Monday November 7th to Sunday November 27th, the winners of the competition are to have their work displayed at the ‘Our Earth, Our City’ exhibition hosted by Holy Trinity Church in Leeds City Centre.

The heart of Our Earth, Our City is the Gaia Earth, a touring artwork by artist Luke Jerram, designed to recreate the overview effect experienced by astronauts when they view Earth from Space.

The four students were invited to be amongst the first people in Leeds to see the Gaia Earth, where they were awarded prizes for their outstanding achievements.

A huge congratulations to Blessing, Olivia, Claudia and Miranda. It was a fantastic evening of celebration, well and truly deserved.

As a chance to celebrate the 20 Year 8 students who were shortlisted for the competition, there will be a trip to see the Our Earth, Our City exhibition on Friday November 18th.

9-11 age groupMiranda Opilowska (2nd place)

11-16 age group Blessing Adewuyi Y8 (1st place), Olivia Pryzbylska (2nd place),
Claudia Lasek (3rd place)

Gaia Earth is created using detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface

Gaia Earth is created using detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface