Options Assembly
delivered by 8FRM

Year 8 have started the next step on their Journey at Mount St Mary’s and have been looking towards their futures beyond life at the school. As a Year Group, GCSE options are front and centre of their focus this term.

This was kicked off with an absolutely incredible assembly produced and performed by 8FRM. They researched future career pathways without staff guidance and linked these to the different GCSE options available for them to choose from.

It was a very informative session and the rest of the year benefitted hugely from the effort that the form put into their work, both in research, presentation, and conduct. They also carried out interviews with students in Year 9, who recently went through this process, to gain their thoughts and opinions on how best to approach making these important decisions.

Form Tutor Mrs Milner also wanted to recognise the sheer amount of effort and maturity that was on display during the development of the assembly presentation. In a proud moment at the end, Mrs Milner spoke about how her students were responsible for every single aspect of the form assembly and, despite some technical difficulties, they could not have done a better job; she was immensely proud to call them her form. We can all agree that not only did they do their form proud but established themselves as role models to the entire year group.

We cannot wait to see our other Year 8 form groups deliver their own assemblies with a focus on options and careers.