Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Funding

In order to support students who are joining Mount St Mary’s who need intervention to improve their levels of literacy and numeracy, the following is spend using the catch-up premium.

  • ​Learning Support Assistants who are trained teachers in English specialising in supporting in literacy and numeracy.
  • Designated Learning Support Assistants in English and Maths supporting lower achieving students.
  • Literacy Assessments (online) – initial identification and then subsequent evaluation of progress.
  • Dyslexia Screening (online) – early identification of the cause of literacy difficulties.
  • CAT tests to aid identification of literacy and numeracy difficulties and used to set classes.
  • 250 minutes of literacy intervention per fortnight (small class sizes and LSA support) for targeted students.
  • Increase LSA support in Year 7. At least 1 LSA per class for lowest literacy and numeracy sets.
  • Smaller tutor groups with a 9 form entry in Year 7.
  • Reading Eggs online literacy programme for targeted students.
  • Accelerated Reader for all of Year 7.
  • Setting based on literacy with lowest 2 sets having smaller class sizes for targeted intervention.
  • Sound training for students later on in Year 7 to support decoding of words and enhance reading ages.
  • Students have access to tablets which have been purchased by the SEND department to support online interventions.
  • Students have access to laptops which have been recently purchased.
  • Use of online Maths intervention programmes to further enhance numeracy development.
  • Purchase of Accelerated Reader books for the lower ability students.
  • Tutor time intervention run by LSAs focusing on literacy and handwriting.
  • Dyslexia training for the SEND team to look at improving provision and interventions.
  • CPD time focused on improving literacy.
  • CPD time focused on improving Quality First Teaching for all students.

Approximate Costings 2018/19

Resource Expenditure
Literacy Assessments (online) £800
Dyslexia Screening (online) £350
Reading Eggs (online) £600
Sound Training £3,000
Laptops purchased £1,880
Catch-up booster sessions & LSA support in tutor groups £8,880
Non-fiction reading books £320
Small group intervention staffing £6,670
Total £22,500