Notre Dame Taster Day

Visiting colleges might be seen as a nervy experience, but not for 182 Year 10 students at Mount St Mary’s. After a short assembly in the hall praising their amazing and mature attitude during mock exams, students moved on to the next step of their MSM journey – visit to Notre Dame College.

On the day students were able to select three lessons of their choice. Whether it was the excitement of criminology, the competitiveness of sport or the exploration of chemistry, students embraced the challenges and had a fantastic day trying out all the different courses.

The visit allowed students to ask the nagging questions they had around grades, entry requirements, uniform, travel and rules.

On the day our students did us proud and took part in the sessions magnificently. As students got back on the bus there was a clear excitement about the options that lie ahead of them. Students can now use this experience to research other providers over the holidays, ready for college applications next year.

Well done Year 10 – another great day!