‘Mussel Power’

In November, we received a delivery of 8kg of fresh mussels from Fish in Schools Hero Programme. The Fish in schools Hero Programme aims to ensure the next generation knows how to prepare, cook and get a chance to taste fresh fish and shellfish.

Mussels are nutritional, sustainable to grow and harvest and quick to cook and eat. Our mussels were rope grown in waters off the Devon coast and were freshly harvested before being delivered to us. The chance to cook with shellfish created a buzz amongst students and the Year 11s couldn’t wait to get stuck into scraping off barnacles! The delivery also sparked conversations about the eating fish, where we can source our fish and how it can be beneficial for our health.

Our Year 10 and 11 Hospitality & Catering students were the lucky ones who got to prepare and cook the mussels, making Jamie Oliver’s ‘Angry Mussels’ recipe, a garlicky tomato sauce perfect for mussels, and the end result was a delicious, nutritious dish. Many of our students had never cooked shellfish before, nor had they tried fresh mussels, so this was a brilliant opportunity for them to work with shellfish and see how simple and easy it can be!

See our students work through their practical of cooking mussels in the photos…