Mussel power is back!

In an engaging Year 9 cooking session, students delved into the world of seafood, specifically working with freshly harvested rope-grown mussels. The aim was to deepen their knowledge of cooking with fish, and to achieve this, they embarked on the preparation of two delightful dishes – Jamie Oliver’s “Angry Mussels” and the timeless Moules Mariniere.

Year 9 students eagerly explored handling and cooking mussels, gaining valuable hands-on experience. The classroom buzzed with excitement as the aromatic scents of simmering broths filled the air.

The culmination of the lesson saw the students enjoying their creations – a delectable spread of “Angry Mussels” and Moules Mariniere, paired with golden fries and crusty baguettes. The session not only supported the students’ learning about cooking with fish but also showcased the satisfaction of transforming fresh, sustainable fish into culinary delights.

Thank you Fish in School Hero programme!