MSM Students Meet Speaker Of The House
Sir Lindsey Hoyle

On Friday 11th March, Miss Evans took a small group of students to the Howard Opera Centre to meet Speaker Of The House Sir Lindsey Hoyle. Amelia Uminska, Naemi Asmeron and Harry Carter were chosen as a reward for their services to the school and local community.

Students were invited to ask Sir Lindsey questions and Harry took this opportunity to ask how he felt about MPs lying in the House Of Commons and if it was difficult to make sure they were held to account; Sir Lindsey acknowledged the difficulties in this and said that he found it challenging.

Students also took the opportunity to take part in a debate on the abolition of exams and whether today’s exam system was fit for purpose. There were mixed views of the subject, but most students agreed that some sort of exam reform was preferable to the complete removal of formal examinations from schooling.

Our students also had the opportunity to meet Sir Lindsey at the end of the session and speak to him about current events in parliament.