House football competitions

This half term students have been given the opportunity to participate in a House football competition for their year group. The competitions have been held on Monday lunch times and have been organised and run by our House Captains. It has been great to see many students getting involved and representing their Houses.

The results from the House football:

1st Place – St Mark (100 house points)

2nd Place – St John (75 house points)

Joint 3rd Place – St Luke and St Matthew (50 house points)

1st Place (100 points) – St Matthew
2nd Place (75 points) – St Mark
3rd Place – (50 points) – St John
4th Place (25 points) – St Luke

1st Place – 100 point – St Mark
2nd Place – 75 points – St Matthew

3rd Place – 50 points – St Luke
4th Place – 25 points – St John

A big thank you to our House Captains who have given up their lunchtimes to allow these events to happen. Well done Josh, Oladele, Gabriel, Guiseppe, Josephine, Lexie, Goda, Priscilla and Blanka.