Mount St Mary’s Mastery Maths Madness

In July of this year, 60 students took part in the annual Mount St Mary’s Mastery Maths Madness. Amazing aspiring mathematicians from Year 7 and Year 8 engaged with problem solving skills to test their ingenuity and steady hand, with some practical hands-on maths. Constructing free standing bridges with nothing but a few sticks proved to be child’s play to these creative geniuses. All students taking part showed that they have the best attitudes to learning, a great bond and teamworking skills and an internal drive and resilience that never let them give up in any challenge.

After amassing a fantastic total, a test of nerves and probability saw students battle it out to be crowned the champion in a winner takes all face off. Congratulations to the winning team from each year, and an extra special mention to the winning team from Year 8 who finished the challenges and went on to complete the daily ‘Nerdle’ to get an extra slice of mathematical success.

The Maths department was proud of all our competitors and look forward to seeing the successes they have in the future.