On March 10th, a team of our elite mathematicians from Year 10 took on schools from across Yorkshire in the AMSP (Advanced Mathematics Support Programme) Maths Feast 2020. They faced stiff competition from the likes of GSAL, St Aidan’s and many other Grammar Schools. Unfazed by the prestigious event, our four heroes: Iptisam Abdulmalik, James Bravo, Adrian Ferech and Bradley Stapylton showed true resilience, grit, determination and teamwork through each of the four rounds, scoring highly and, above all else, having fun. Their laughter and enjoyment could be heard across the event. They represented the school with a positive and professional manner, not succumbing to nerves and managed to take away the top honours during the Relay Event, narrowly missing out on a podium place for the overall event. Well done to everyone involved!