Maths City 2022 – 2023

A select group of highly motivated, hardworking Year 7 and 8 students were rewarded with a morning trip to Maths City in March. These students were exposed to Maths in a variety of interactive exhibits designed to both fascinate and inspire. The groups had the opportunity to try a multitude of challenging puzzles over the course of the morning, even managing to solve them quicker than the teachers on occasion!

After a cold and snowy walk into town the students soon warmed up racing around trying to complete the challenges and making sure they had a go at everything on offer. Huge amounts of resilience were shown by all students as well as letting their competitive side come out, racing to complete tasks in the quickest and best way.

Both year groups showed how well they can work as a team when tasked to make the Leonardo dome; working together to create a wooden dome large enough for all students and even teachers to get under. Pairs of students managed to create a bubble around themselves while others simply solved maths problems requiring incredible spatial mathematical awareness.

A fantastic morning was had by all staff and students with maths now becoming a favourite subject for many of the students! Their creativity in solving puzzles and enthusiasm for learning was excellent to see and staff at the centre commented on the students’ fantastic behaviour and resilience.