Performing Art
London Trip

Tuesday 4th June saw the return of the annual Performing Arts trip to London. We arrived in the capital city for around 2pm where we met Richard from West End Stage Tours. We then checked into the Royal National Hotel and walked to Pineapple Dance Studio to attend an intense Stage Combat theatre workshop. The students were phenomenal, learning fake slaps, hair pulling and choke holds to improve the quality of their performances back in school. Afterwards, we made our way back to hotel for a quick freshen up before a Pizza Hut tea. Congratulations to Vanessa for breaking the record, eating 20 slices of pizza, (minus the crust). With full stomachs we headed to Shaftsbury Theatre to watch Mrs Doubtfire, which was a fantastic show, showcasing the talent of performers on the West End. Finally, we walked our tired legs back to the hotel.

On Day 2 students emerged wearily from their rooms for breakfast at 6.30am. Once energised we set off on a lovely walk in the sunshine down to the river Thames to go on the London Eye and a River Cruise where we saw all the sights of London. Students had multiple selfie opportunities and filled their group chat with embarrassing photos, after which we set off for a short walk to Covent Garden for a food and gifts stop. To finish off our incredible trip we walked to the Dominion Theatre to watch the amazing performance of Sister Act. Students left excited and telling stories of the sights they had seen when visiting the West End.

We had a fantastic couple of days with some amazing students who were impeccable and represented the school perfectly throughout the trip. We could not be prouder of them and we hope they made fantastic memories that will last a lifetime!