On the last day of term, 30 of our Year 7 cohort took part in an INTO University workshop which focused on supporting the development of fundamental professional attributes and inspiring students to achieve their full potential. During the workshop, the students involved were encouraged to discuss important subjects such as desirable skills that different employers look for in a candidate and the qualities that are essential to specific careers. In addition to this, our students took part in multiple activities that revolved around confidence building, improving communication skills and applying leadership skills. Although students seized all the opportunities awarded to them throughout the morning, the most popular activity focused on the importance of clear communication. Students had to work in pairs, whilst one individual was blindfolded and was expected to listen carefully, the other took on a leadership role that required them to provide direction and give clear instructions. In addition to this, also using teamwork, each group had to complete a jigsaw puzzle that formed an image of the face of different inspirational figures such as Malala Yousafzai and Barack Obama. This activity was followed by group discussion around the reasons why these people are considered significant. Undoubtedly the students involved really enjoyed taking part in the INTO University workshop and found it extremely stimulating and informative. Many are already asking when the next workshop will be!