On 14th of May 2021, 14 employers from national and local businesses met our Year 10 students to give them real life experience of a formal interview process.  

The prestigious event, which is run annually for our Year 10 students, prepares them not only for future interviews they will have with colleges and further education, but also for the world of work.  The Interview Day itself focuses upon building resilience in our young people to ensure they are equipped to thrive in an unfamiliar environment such as a formal interview, whilst preparations leading up to the event encourage them to take responsibility and be reflective about their skills, personal qualities, strengths and future aspirations.   

Students took part in a series of careers-based workshops prior to the event to develop their personal statements, compose their curriculum vitae and fine tune their interview skills, and it was no surprise to see them execute all they had learnt with excellence on the day.  From the opening handshake to the articulate portrayal of their qualities and strengths, it was unsurprising that many of the interviewers commented positively regarding the employability of Mount St Mary’s students.  It was also incredibly humbling to see students reflect on their experience post-interview and highlighted furthermore the passion our students have to succeed.  

Further recognition and thanks go to our senior student leadership team for offering valuable support to Year 10 on the day.  Once again, the powerful importance of our school motto ‘Quid Retribuam’ shone through when we saw our older students reassure, support and guide students through a process they had experienced just a year before.  There was a real sense of community spirit and camaraderie that was felt by all on the day.    

Finally, it is without doubt that these unique experiences and opportunities are invaluable to our students and without the volunteers who selflessly give up their own time and expertise to give back to our students, this event would not be as successful as it is.  It is with growing thanks and gratitude to the employers involved on the day that we can say we look forward to welcoming everyone back next year for another incredible opportunity for our young people.