It has been the busiest term yet this year for our house completions with sports day contested across all year groups. For many students this was their first major event as members of their houses. All students in each year group took part in an event to gain points for their houses.

We also quizzed our Year 7 and Year 8 form groups about how much they know about our school and the house system and the results are in…

Our Year 7 Winners are 7ELD!!! Second place was 7PCL and 7CAF were in third place!

Our Year 8 Winners are 8EDW!!! Second place was 8CCO and 8JOA and 8THW tied in third place!

Our first awards for outstanding contribution to houses were also awarded. The first award winner for St Luke was Julia Skwierawska in 7ANM for her outstanding effort and leadership at Year 7 Sports day. Well done!