Helping Hands

Helping Hands is celebrating its 3rd successful year after starting in September 2021. The club is open to Year 7’s twice a week and Year 8’s once a week, encouraging social, emotional, and cognitive development and providing a safe space to build new relationships. The club, supervised by Mrs Holdsworth, one of our SEND team, aims to encourage new students to build new friendships, widen their social circles and develop their confidence, all whilst engaging in a range of fun activities such as Board Games, Card Games and Arts & Crafts. We have also had Christmas quizzes and Easter Egg competitions with lots of prizes and celebrations. All games help expand their skill set, proving that learning is not just about what happens in the classroom. The club has had amazing attendance numbers, doubling the previous year, creating a real sense of community within the Year groups. Because of the successful year we have had, we have celebrated the students’ enthusiasm and dedication to Helping Hands with trips and lots of prizes. Helping Hands promotes learning and growth and makes our students happier and capable of taking on any task or challenge in their school life. We cannot wait for next year!