Health & Social Guest Speakers

On Monday 22 May 2023, 2 guest speakers spoke to Year 9 and Year 10 Health & Social Care students.

The first speaker, Maya, was blind from 14 months old. She brought along her German Shepherd guide dog, Monty. She spoke for an hour about her life, struggles and being a mum and a vocal coach. Monty is her 4th guide dog and she could not stress enough the great work that Guide Dogs for the Blind do. Students were inspired by her story, as she did not want her disability to be a barrier in her life.

We also heard from Phil, a past teacher at Mount St Mary’s, who is now an ambassador for Dementia Awareness. He explained what dementia is like, with lots of visuals, and told the students how they can help if a family member suffers from the disease. They were all given a dementia friends badge and if they are seen wearing this by someone in the community with dementia, they will know that the student is dementia aware and happy to help.