GSAL Revision Sessions

As Mr Flynn constantly tells his year group, “Hard work pays off”. Students in Year 11 have taken that onboard and worked so hard this year as they approached their exams. As part of this hard work, teachers gave up their weekends to work with students at The Grammar School at Leeds.

Students were transported to GSAL and given the opportunity to take part in focussed revision workshops in order to master those final pieces of rubric in preparation for the Summer. Attending sessions in English, Maths, MFL, History and Science, students made sure they were fully ready for exams by showing excellent attitudes to their learning.

The attendance at these events was fantastic with over 150 Students giving up their weekend through the build up to exams. Teachers reported that students were focussed and motivated to learn as much as they could during this time. The teachers leading the sessions couldn’t be prouder of the effort they displayed.

Overall students found the days incredibly useful and could be heard walking out of exams telling their teachers that questions had come up that they had worked on in these sessions. We know Year 11 will do incredibly well when they get their results and credit must be given to the amazing efforts they showed on these days. Thank you to all the teachers, Mrs Gibson and Mrs Turner for organising such fantastic sessions.