Fish Heroes!

In February, we received a delivery of frozen salmon from the ‘Fish in School Hero’ programme. The Fish in School Hero Programme aims to ensure the next generation knows how to prepare, cook and get a chance to taste fresh fish and shellfish. Salmon is an amazing fish, not only does it taste great and is really versatile in cooking, but it’s also packed with nutritional goodness, providing protein and omega 3 fatty acids, just what we need for a healthy body.

Hospitality students in Year 10 practised their knife skills, removing the skin and slicing the fish into chunks, before they flavoured the fish with a wonderful spice, Ras El Hanout. The fish was grilled along with vegetables whilst students made their own wraps to serve the salmon on. This is a brilliant recipe, full of nutrients and easy to recreate at home and continue to be ‘Fish Heroes’!