Fiesta Nacional de España event

On Wednesday 12 October we held our own Fiesta Nacional de España event in the languages department.

This is a day which is celebrated in Spain every year to celebrate the historical events of Christopher Columbus and all things Spanish. Year 8 have been learning about the event in lessons and the ignite tasks this week have allowed them to talk about Spanish culture and have a bit of fun.

At lunchtime students could visit the Tapas Café and try different food by asking for them in Spanish. There was also a treasure hunt, despite the rain, where students could go on a voyage of discovery to learn more about Spain. This was run by some of our Year 9 linguists.

Enoch Menson (8FRM)
won the treasure hunt

Kavya Ramakrishnan (8REG) and Prananya Sudagar (8REG)
came joint sec