From the moment students join us on their journey through MSM, our school motto Quid Retribuam, How can I repay the Lord, is instilled.

Giving back within our school community is often displayed by students with small acts of kindness and care for one another. Helping someone who may be lost, looking after our school environment or representing our student body at school events to showcase the many amazing things MSM offers through the eyes of the very people that make it truly great. One individual has taken our motto and embraced our ethos to exhibit faith in action in the most incredible and selfless way.

Naemi is a Year 9 student who has been inspired by the work of Aid Afghanistan for Education. Her aim? To raise awareness within school of the work the charity does and inspire our community to show Retribuam, by giving something back to women and girls who are not afforded, in Naemi’s words, the luxury of education. She fearlessly and with incredible poise and maturity, delivered her campaign in a whole staff briefing, to encourage our community to help her in providing the women and children of Afghanistan the basic equipment needed to access education. But in Naemi’s eyes, she does not want her passion and eloquence in delivering her message to be limited to MSM.

With her campaign growing, Naemi is now leading an ever-expanding team of volunteers, as well as having support from the Diocese of Leeds and other education providers across the City to make her dream a reality.

Each week, our students stand united to recite our school prayer. “I hesitate for fear of what lies ahead of me, for I am much afraid of the unknown. Take my hand in yours and walk with me, for the road is long and there are no short cuts”.

Naemi symbolises a courage, determination and passion to help those in need, whilst embracing the guidance, support and opportunities offered to her with humble gratitude.

With a strong faith, self-belief and the encouragement from a community in which Naemi is able to flourish, we are excited and blessed to be able to share this journey with you.

Below is the opening letter that Naemi wrote to share her vision with school leaders across Leeds, which we hope will motivate and inspire you to join us in supporting this incredible cause.