The highly anticipated first week of extracurricular activities has finally arrived, and our students showed their enthusiasm by seizing the opportunity to attend a range of different clubs during and after school, the very first day after they had been launched. It was an absolute joy to see many of our Year 7 students Involving themselves in clubs such as Maths Doctor, Basketball, Football and Music. Yet, it was the Performing Arts department that undoubtedly led the way with the launch of this year’s school production ‘We Will Rock You’. We are extremely excited to see our students demonstrating their talents at the show auditions, future rehearsals and final production! In every extracurricular activity, Year 7 students upheld our vision by showing a togetherness that emphasises the importance of enrichment outside of the classroom. We look forward to seeing more positivity being generated through the opportunities that we will continue to offer our students throughout the year.