Diversity in the Workplace Assembly
delivered by 8MRO

We were very excited to plan and deliver in Assembly, our chosen topic of Diversity and Equality in the workplace. We felt this was a very mature and significant topic because in Year 8 we continually link our day-to day-habits, routines and qualities to the wider world and ‘life beyond Mount St Mary’s.’

The areas we focused on were: Law, Teaching, Healthcare, Performing Arts and the mathematical fields such as Accounting and Finance.

Our main message was to encourage others to be confident and courageous in their passions and whatever route they choose. Regardless of age, race or gender, you should always be proud of your roots and what you have to offer: your skills, your qualities, your cultural heritage and your ethnic background.

Our final message to our Year 8 audience was this:

‘Use your diversity as your super power. When you are in the workplace, use your talents and unique traits that make you diverse, as a beacon of light to others. Never shy away from the fact that you can bring something different and special to your chosen career.’