Distinction Club Trip
at Scramble

At MSM we strive to ensure we are seeing the maximum potential that each of our students possess. With this in mind, at the end of Year 8, we set our students a homework challenge which was to perform and evidence an act of Retribuam within the 6 week summer period. Beyond the classroom, homework plays a big part in a student’s learning as it helps to develop skills and talents to support their readiness for the next phase of education.

When we came back in Year 9, the homework submitted was outstanding and it was a delight to see and hear about our students embedding our school ethos and carrying it with them through the summer.

Acts of Retribuam were performed internationally, in local communities, at home, in supermarkets, in local churches, the places were endless! We were blown away by the dedication and generosity of our Year 9’s and as a result, the students who were marked with a distinction were taken on a very special school trip to Scramble, a local Martial Arts Activity Centre, where they spent the afternoon having fun! Here are some photos of the afternoon.