Information and Instructions to support students and parents to complete work will be given below. This page is organised subject by subject.

ENGLISH – English Language: Students have been given a series of lessons to complete that are based on the GCSE paper skills. Students should complete two writing tasks and use a mark scheme to mark their work. English Literature: Students have been given a series of revision tasks based on their literature texts, They should complete a number of questions which should be lengthy and considered. All texts are available in PDF form online through Google.

MATHS – Students have been provided with a Non-Calculator and Calculator revision sheet. Students can find links to electronic revision materials by clicking on their class under Dropbox Resources on the school website.

SCIENCE – Students have been given work around the key concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students should choose either Biology, Chemistry or Physics and pick a topic from paper 1 on the assessment sheet. They should then use the exemplar provided as an example and create their own set of tasks or questions. They should use their homework books and Science websites to revisit work. Once complete they should create a poster or flash cards highlighting the key concepts of the topic.

RE – Students should use their revision guides. Work through the tasks and exam practice questions.

ART – Students should continue working on their Unit 2 sketchbook work. They have complete the research section and will now need to explore and experiment and continue to build their artist response and create and refine the development plans for their final pieces.

BUSINESS – Activity 1 – Students should spend 1 hour revising for Paper 1. Students should then complete Paper 1 timing that they take no longer than 1h 30mins. Activity 2 – student’s should spend 1 hour revising for Paper 2 then complete Paper 2 timing that they take no longer than 1h 30mins.

CREATIVE I MEDIA – Students should revise and complete the January Exam Paper

COMPUTER SCIENCE – Students should complete Past exam papers for Component 1. Use the Smart Revise website to complete tasks and look at online tutorials.

GEOGRAPHY – All students have a copy of the Paper 2 Iterative homework booklet. Please complete.

HISTORY – Students should complete a minimum of 10 Revision sheets from the booklet.

ICT – Students have been given Past exam papers and practice questions to complete.

SPANISH – Language resources for independent study.