Christmas Hampers 2022

I would like to begin by saying a huge thank you to everyone for their generous donations towards the Christmas Hampers. For anyone who has bumped into us over the last few weeks you will have seen the amazing amount of food and presents we have been able to purchase and put together.

Each year the number of hampers seems to increase as the need of our families escalates. This year we have been able to produce 9 food hampers and 1 pamper hamper.

We were able to raise enough money to spend a total of £1,245.33 in just a few short months to create the Hampers and provide everything we had planned to include this year. Each hamper consisted of 3 shopping bags full of staple goods, a decorated box containing the games that were lovingly wrapped by our Year 9 students and lots of goodies for them to enjoy together. We even managed to throw in some Christmas sparkle as we delivered them today.

I would again like to thank you for your support. It has been truly heart-warming, as it always is, hearing comments from you all about the hampers before they reached the families. Seeing the faces of those receiving them and brightening their day is also a reminder as to why we spend our time ensuring everyone is supported in the best possible way.

I would also like to extend the thanks from each of the 9 families who received a hamper today. Each family were overwhelmed to receive their hamper, never knowing just how much they were going to receive, or what would be included. This year, with the bonus of Christmas games included, we hope that families can come together and spend some much-needed quality time together this Christmas period.

This has been another truly great outcome; it has allowed us to showcase just what is possible when we all work together. Thank you again from myself, the Student Advocate Team, and the families we have been able to reach this Christmas.

Thank you

Mr S Cooper, Student Advocate