Celebrating our Advent Liturgy

On our final day of term, students at Mount St Mary’s were able to lead and experience our Advent Liturgy, which brought our community together and helped us prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas. The event created a vivid display with a manger filled with straw, waiting for the Christ child to arrive. A purple sash and display of candles to the crucifix helped to remind us all that, as Christians, our role is one of sacrifice and service.

Our choir and student leaders helped bring the meaning of Advent to life with readings from the Gospels, echoing our belief that Jesus is the fulfilment of prophecy from the Old Testament and that we can learn much from Mary’s ultimate obedience and faith in God. Music and scripture helped all within our community to reflect on the true meaning of Christ’s arrival in our lives, both now and 2000 years ago and made a poignant connection between this and our deeper relationship with God.