In July, 60 Year 9s took part in an exciting project to develop an area of Leeds. It was run by a company called Caddick Construction. The students had to work in groups of 6 to produce an event which could launch a new area of East Leeds (south of York Road). They then had to present their ideas to 8 professionals from the company. The winning team has been chosen to go to the area of Leeds which is being developed and help plan the launch party, and they will also be taken on a tour of the site. This is a huge opportunity for some of our students – a huge congratulations to the winning team; Samantha Akpan, Ian Mahop, Analord, Tracy Onyia, Tracey Ocran and Jason Burke. I have no doubt that they will represent the school brilliantly. The feedback from the company about our Year 9 students was as follows;  “We enjoyed the day immensely and thought the young people who took part to be extremely bright and engaging.  They immersed themselves in all the    activities and did themselves proud. The students were an absolute credit to you and the school. Their behaviour, attitude to learning and presentation skills were some of the best I personally have seen all academic year.”

Well done, once again, Year 9.