Brown Girls Book Club

On Thursday 22nd June, we invited New York-based author Daphne Palasi Andreades to Mount St Mary’s, for a virtual Q&A with girls in Years 7 to 10. Some of the girls had been reading Brown Girls, Daphne’s novel, prior to the session, while others picked up their free copy of the book on the day. The novel was selected because it explores the intersection of immigration and adolescence – themes particularly pertinent to our community. The students asked the author insightful questions relating to the writing process and her background, which mirrored many of their own.

Daphne sent the school a follow up email, thanking our ‘bright and curious’ students for their thoughtful questions, and the staff for ‘facilitating a smooth and organised conversation.’

Special mention goes to Lavana Yemene in Year 10, who was instrumental in the run-up to the event, and who impressed us deeply with her close reading of the novel!

Here’s what some of the girls said about the experience;

“I loved every minute of it.  I learned that people from my background can become successful and I was inspired and so happy that Filipinos are getting the representation they need.”

Arianna Degillo, Year 9

“I loved the book and how relatable it was.  I could relate to some of the experiences.  I learned that you should not live your life with regret, live it for yourself and do what makes you happy.”

Gabriella Ekeagwu, Year 9