Boys into Health

On Friday 26 January we took a group of 15 students to Leeds Beckett University, for a trip relating to “Boys into Health.” This was an opportunity for our male students to see the different careers available in the health sector. They found out there were over 350 different types of jobs available in the NHS.

The students took part in 3 different sessions, one was on biochemical science where students had the opportunity to work with high powered microscopes and observe bacteria in yoghurts. They discussed the advantages of different types of ‘good’ bacteria in yoghurts and how this can help with digestion. They also had a session in the clinical suite, where students could take their blood pressure and use a special human robot to practise CPR and take his pulse!

The students represented themselves perfectly and enthusiastically asked questions throughout the sessions. We were really proud of the fantastic manners and positive attitude the boys showed during the whole day.