Black Lives Matter assembly by 7HEM

At Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School, we endeavor to consistently show our respect for diversity and celebrate the lessons that can be learnt through enhanced cultural understanding, with a focus on fueling a community spirit. Our school is proud to work with students from 45 different countries, speaking a total of 49 different languages and coming from a total of 21 different ethnic backgrounds. It is evident throughout all year groups, from Year 7 to Year 11, that students feel extremely passionate about sharing mutual experiences and honoring their differences, to encourage a culture of togetherness. Through their continued efforts to increase awareness around equality by seizing opportunities to educate others about their own backgrounds, students at Mount St Mary’s have undoubtedly set a precedent that is to be admired.

Our Year 7 students recently showed their support for equality through creating and taking part in form led assemblies, which have focused on a variety of different characteristics. Each assembly was delivered passionately and undoubtedly served to promote awareness around important topics in a manner that should help us to fulfill our year group vision – Togetherness, Opportunity, Positivity.

7HEM elected to promote awareness around the Black Lives Matter movement. Students wanted to create a form assembly that would show support for different cultures and communities that, at times, have been subject to discrimination in the past and continue to experience inequalities in society today. The students of 7HEM highlighted facts, figures and statistics to help students across the year group build a clearer picture around the topic. Having provided students with this information, they then awarded importance to offering ideas around the ways in which the Mount St Mary’s community can contribute to the wider community in its efforts to combat any form of racism.

We are so impressed with the confidence and maturity shown by the students in 7HEM. All of the individuals involved spoke with clarity and compassion, whilst delivering an important message to help enlighten the lives of others.

It has been fantastic to watch all of our Year 7 students grow throughout the academic year. Their courage, resilience and spirit has been unwavering since the beginning of their Mount St Mary’s journey in September. Through their assembly, 7HEM demonstrated this growth brilliantly and showed a clear understanding of what it means to be a part of our school community!