Boy Athletics

This year has seen a huge rise in students wishing to represent Mount St Mary’s in Athletics, so much so we have had almost 30 boys across
Years 7-10 involved in the school competitions, with some of them now attending Leeds City Athletics club training as a result of their enjoyment and talent.

The intermediate boys team (Year 9-10) have qualified in 2nd place (by 3 points) for the city finals, having dominated much of the three matches against the other seven schools in our pool. Their performances have been sensational as has their leadership and support of the younger athletes. We had so many 1st place finishes in both track and field events, Yaried, as expected, dominating the middle and long distance races, Mark dominating the 100m sprint, Victory and Nosa winning different High jump nights but the pinnacle of all of this was the 4x100m relay team. In match 1 and 2 they had finished 2nd to the same school by 0.02s. They were incredibly determined to go one better on the final match day and managed to put together an impeccable performance of changeovers to win by a distance of 10 metres!

The Junior boys team (Year 8) have been an unstoppable dominant force across all three matches. They won each individual night and have qualified for the city finals in 1st place. every single member of the team has put in unbelievable performances across all events placing 1st or 2nd in almost everything, Marvin and Zoel winning their 100m heats every night and the 4x100m relay. They go into the finals as hot favourites to place in the top three in the city on finals night, where we will be taking on the likes of Leeds Grammar School and Prince Henry’s.

Both teams have been a joy to work with and take to each night, their attitudes have been outstanding and they were excellent roles models demonstrating who we are as a community.

Girls Athletics

The girls have been outstanding in their representation of Mount St Mary’s across the 3 athletics meetings this term. They have been Resilient in their battles to gain the best place possible in each event and have grown throughout the competition in both confidence and technique.

Final standings: both junior and intermediate girls made it to the Leeds School Final on Tuesday 2nd July.